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Immigration, once a good thing for our country, is now a major disaster for Australia

Mass immigration is ruining our environment

The Australian Conservation Foundation has stated that "Even the present population is rapidly degrading the environment and is therefore not sustainable in the long run".

Australia is largely desert and degraded land. Only 10% of our total land area is suitable for agriculture. 66% of Australia's cropland has already been degraded by erosion, compaction, acidification, and rising salt levels. Soil degradation is a continuing process due to our misuse of the land.

With soil erosion; salinity problems from irrigation and tree removal; acidification; and encroaching urbanisation - our agriculturally suitable land area and its fertility will decline.

Look at the ecological problems produced by immigration-induced population pressures: We must stop mass immigration and strive to live in harmony with our fragile environment.

We cannot solve the world's population problem (approx 100 million people are born into the world every year!) but we can environmentally destroy Australia (with no global benefit).

Mass immigration is destroying our standard of living

Most migrants will come to the major cities. This is already seriously lowering the quality of life in our cities as their pollution and congestion increases with the cities' sprawling size and high density living.

The pressures on water supply and the increasing demands for transport, roads, sewage disposal, and energy supply will be extreme and expensive as our cities grow up and out. Even "better planning" cannot ease the strains which an increasing population inevitably places on our natural environment and urban infrastructure.

Real Estate prices are increasing, pricing young people out of the home market. We are now suffering from urban crowding, a lower standard of housing, and Australian families facing the problems of raising children in a high-density pressure-cooker environment.

We get a falling standard of living and a lower quality of life - living in crowded, polluted, high-density cities, with over-crowded recreational areas and increasing inter-communal tensions.

Mass immigration is an economic disaster

With soil degradation and erosion, our agricultural resources are likely to diminish and, in fact, additional millions of migrants will consume much of what otherwise would have been exported. This ultimately results in less export income. Our increasing population has little effect on manufactured exports but does increase imports, consequently making us poorer as a nation.

The ecological damage caused by large-scale immigration is huge, and will get worse. Sooner or later we are going to have to repair the damage, and the resulting costs will be enormous!

An infrastructure disaster for our cities and suburbs

Most immigrants to Australia will live in the major cities. The basic infrastructures of our cities are being overwhelmed: hospitals, education, road networks, etc. We are having to spend more on providing basic services for more and more people, rather than better services for a stable population. Currently, we are not even adequately maintaining existing services.

To maintain our standard of living with the projected doubling of our population, we will need to double the number of houses, schools, universities, hospitals, shops, factories, power plants, waste disposal systems, dams, sewage disposal mechanisms, and transport systems. In other words: re-build Australia within 40 years! To continually expand such physical and economic infrastructure to support a huge expanding population puts an enormous financial burden on the existing community. Research puts the cost of the immigration programme at $15 billion annually. To finance such new infrastructure will require immense capital borrowings (more foreign debt for Australia), which we shall bequeath to our children in the form of a national debt that they may never be able to repay.

It is in the interests of pro-immigration politicians, businessmen, and bureaucrats to tell us that immigration will economically benefit Australia; but this is untrue actually, the opposite applies: The larger our population, the lower shall be our standard of living. Look at India a huge population, with an often horrendous standard of living.

Immigration reduces our capacity to be self-reliant, by adding pressure on natural resources (especially water) and scarce investment capital which must increasingly come from international sources, hence escalating the already dangerously high levels of foreign ownership. We need to consolidate our skills and our investment capacity and not disperse our limited resources in servicing needless growth. The economic consequences of increasing foreign debt, foreign ownership, and undesirable, unsustainable economic expansion will destroy any chance of maintaining the best features of Australian life as we know it.

The solution is Australia First!

Australia First is campaigning for a zero net immigration policy as a minimum standard; that is, immigration into Australia must not exceed emigration out of Australia (for example: 30,000 people leaving Australia would enable a maximum of 30,000 people to enter Australia).

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