1st September

1st September was the date chosen by our earlier generations to be an occasion "primarily to inspire and stimulate an Australian national sentiment". It was felt this could be accomplished by embracing such sentiment in a native flower, and uniting as a people on the day to do it honour.

The Wattle had been selected as the most suitable of our native flora because of its accessibility, and occurring throughout the length and breadth of our continent.

In addition, it was desired that the Wattle Blossom, as the Australian National Flower, should be worn, and its cultivation and display encouraged.

The call was made to "all citizens to foster, protect and cherish the Wattle; for a sacred charge to every Australian to plant it in all parks, reserves, and pleasure grounds and also private gardens, that it might become a source of pilgrimage in blossom time. Also to rouse the young people's sense of chivalry, and make the Wattle synonymous with Australia's honour."

Wattle Day was first celebrated in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in 1910, promoted by the citizens who had formed the Wattle Day League.

The Sydney Morning Herald editorial about the Day stated "To the Native Australian the wattle stands for home, country, kindred, sunshine and love - every instinct that the heart deeply enshrines".

The Wattle Day League was truly a patriotic society, in the vein of the Australian Natives Association, and promoted "Australia First" not only in our national values, but in a sense directly linked to the preservation and appreciation of the uniqueness of the flora of our land.

This attitude for patriotic sentiment included an "Order of the Wattle Blossom" award for contribution to our Australian society, and for the day to give recognition to Australian manufacturers and Australian productions.

The theme suggested from the Golden Wattle was a representation:- "the golden fleece - the wool; the golden green - the wheat; the golden sunshine - the golden hearts of the Australian people".

In addition, there was a call for the three cheers of hip hip hooray, of Danish/Polish origin, to be replaced by an Australian cry of three COO-EEs, our then well-known bush call.

Sadly, this developing folklore celebration was later submerged by internationalist type politicians, who lacked interest in Australian sentiment in practical terms, and the day largely passed into memory.

Australia since WWII has seen further decline of our Aussie cultural values due to “Americana” and crass consumerism influences accompanying the extensive buy out of our natural and productive wealth by foreign multinational corporations.

In this present era, the Globalist programmes of multiculturalism, and plague level Third World immigration, both designed to inflict a culturally deficient, low grade multiracial society of consumerism and materialism; devoid of common heritage or real values, are being used to assail our Aussie culture, and to break down the community bond that makes an Australian - that being European derived and of our Native Soil.

A dismembered community offers no resistance to the “Asian Century” graveyard plan for Australians, as is being orchestrated by Globalisers and their paid politicians.

Regime change is now necessary for our Australia to survive!

In Wattle Day, Aussies have the great legacy of an inheritance which is uniquely Australian. It flies in the face of multicultists and internationalists, and must be reclaimed as an essence of our Australian culture.

Australia First Party calls on all fairdinkum Australians to join with our Australian Peoples Movement in ensuring a High Culture for our society, and where the historical spirit of Wattle Day is enshrined.

Celebrate National Wattle Day as an expression of our Aussie identity and heritage; of environmental awareness/ecological sustainability; genuine patriotism and sentiment in support of a modern independent nation, with its own strategic and self-sufficient industry base where wealth is created, owned and shared by Australians.

TO PARTICIPATE:- Wear a sprig of Wattle; plant a Wattle shrub in your garden; rub hands on the bark of a Wattle tree, and reflect on the unique eco-diversity of our Southern Land; read some verse of The Banjo or Henry Lawson; play a few Larrikins songs; dwell on our cultural heritage with thanks to our earlier generations.
And support our Australian Peoples Movement.

The Australia First Party is committed to the advancement of Australia's traditional culture and identity, founded on economic, political and cultural independence. If you don’t fight - you lose!

    I've fought it through the world since then,
    And seen the best and worst,
    But always in the lands of men
    I held Australia first.

    I wrote for her, I fought for her,
    And when at last I lie,
    Then who, to wear the wattle,
    Has a better right than I?

From "The Wattle".
By Henry Lawson - Nationalist Poet. 1910.

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